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You are viewing the writer stats and profile for Robert-79267, a 4-star writer in the Zerys network

My Personal Info

  • Pen Name: Robert-79267
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • Language: English

My Expert Knowledge Areas

  • Entertainment 12
  • Health and Wellness 5
  • Hobbies 11
  • Religion and Spirituality 7
  • Sports 18

My Writer Bio

I am single man with fifty years behind me and hopefully many more in front of me. I believe this has given me enough experience - cultivated as wisdom and knowledge - to be an effective communicator on more than a few subjects.

I have specified those I feel I can best discuss in a manner both passionate and informed; a combination of perspective, opinion and fact to leave the reader both entertained and informed. I feel the subjects I have chosen are the ones I am best able to fulfill the above criteria, which to me are the two most important of any creative venture. I believe my writing will do both and inspire the reader to a reaction - hopefully more than one.

As I once heard a preacher say "I've got to get a reaction from you - my words may make you glad, sad or mad but you got to feel something or I haven't done my job"

I could not say it better and I guarantee when I write for a client and his or her audience I will most certainly do my job.
That they can count on!

My Zerys Writing Statistics

  • Total Pages Assigned by all Zerys Clients: 0
  • Pages Approved by all Zerys Clients: 0
  • Total Missed Deadlines: 0/0 (0.00%)
  • Total Pages Rejected: 0/0 (0.00%)

My Ratings From Zerys Clients

  • Number of Zerys Client Ratings: 0
  • Average Zerys Client Rating: 4 Stars 4-Stars
  • Number of Zerys Client Reviews: 0

My Rate

  • Standard Pay Rate: 8.00 cents per word
  • (This rate is negotiable from within your Zerys account)

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